The Most Haunted Places in the World

Everybody loves a good scare and most of us have an innate curiosity towards all things paranormal. We enjoy swapping ghost stories, sharing personal experiences of ESP, and debating the validity of supernatural phenomenon.

On evenings when tales of macabre and gore are running high and you are desperate to steal the thunder in the group, start talking about the most haunted places in the whole world. We guarantee all eyes will be on you for the rest of the evening. Continue reading

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The Fantastic Phsar Thmei Market in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

No trip to Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia, can be complete without a visit to the Phsar Thmei, or the Central Market. Even if you are not the kind that takes pleasure in shopping, you will certainly enjoy walking around this bustling market, taking in the sites, watching the locals sell their wares, and sampling interesting things to eat.

When it was completed in 1937, Phsar Thmei was considered to be the biggest market in Asia. The building is a stunning piece of architecture inspired by the art deco style. Designed in the shape of a dome, the Central Market has four arm-like protrusions that branch out into massive hallways which are bursting with innumerable stalls. All that a human brain can be put onto a shopping list can be found here – from gold and silver to antique coins; from apparels and crafted cloth to trinkets and jewelery; and from books, flowers, and shoes to luggage, souvenirs, and memorabilia. Anything that hasn’t found its way into one of the stalls in this market is probably not worth buying at all.

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Experience Old-World Farm Life in 21st Century America

There’s something innately heart-warming about a quintessential farm. The very picture of a huge barn-like structure located in rich green pastures makes you yearn for the wholesome comfort of a country life. The call of livestock in the background, the sound of horses galloping in merriment in the fields, the rich aroma of freshly baked bread, and those oh-so-scrumptious breakfasts and dinners…it’s a pity we can’t reach out and reclaim those good ol’ days! Continue reading

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The Most Vegetarian-friendly Places in the World

Vegetarians have often been frightened travelers, fraught with the constant worry that life abroad will mean surviving on restricted meals, breads and dairy. Things get even worse for vegans, who avoid dairy products as well. However, with vegetarianism becoming the hot trends in several places around the globe, things seem to be changing. Here are the world’s most inviting dining destinations for vegetarians. Be sure to include them in your list, the next time you are planning a trip abroad. Continue reading

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Personal Posts on Facebook: Substantial Cause to get you Fired?

Be very careful what you are posting on your social media account. You never know who might be watching and what the repercussions could be for your supposedly harmless and rather thoughtless posts which you are sharing with your friends. Dawnmarie Souza, a paramedic, learned this lesson the hard way when she was fired for badmouthing her boss on her Facebook page and hurling one too many not-very-polite insults at him.

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Woody Allen Movie Star – the Structured House – Embroiled in Real Estate Dispute

The Sculptured House, alternatively known to locals as the Clamshell House, the Star Trek House, the Jetson House, or Flying Saucer House, is most fondly remembered for its prominent “presence” in Woody Allen’s 1973 futuristic sci-fi comedy Sleeper. Located on Genesee Mountain, this curiously shaped house designed by architect Charles Deaton has often been compared to a taco, a mushroom, a clam shell, and of course, a flying saucer. However, in spite of criticism, Deaton does not apologize for the house’s unique design. “People aren’t angular. So why should they live in rectangles?” was his say on this matter.

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