Singapore – For the Nature Lover

When you think of Singapore as a tourist destination what comes to mind is a vibrant, bustling city that offers a unique experience for all kinds of travelers. Whether you are looking for a cultural experience or an adventurous journey that sets your adrenalin racing or a more metropolitan one with loads of hip shopping destinations and modern attractions, it’s all here in Singapore. Since I am more of a nature lover, I’ve put together some experiences that fellow enthusiasts will find appealing, interesting, and enticing. So, here goes. Continue reading
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Ithaa Restaurant: The Panoramic Underwater Dining Experience

As you enjoy your meal in a surrounding lit by gentle turquoise light, a shadow glides over your table and you look up to see a school of fishes gamboling past the screen. Across from you, a pair of vibrantly colored butterfly fish seems to be serenading each other, moving as gracefully through water like ballerinas on a stage. If nothing, simply the brilliance of the coral reef and its intriguing shapes and formations make for very interesting meal time conversation. Dining at Ithaa, the first underwater restaurant in the world, is an experience that people would find hard to forget and get over. It’s the kind of story you can regale your social circle with time and again, ensuring that you take center stage in several future conversations for a long time to come. Continue reading
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All that Glitters…is apparently Bling!

When people have money, they look for ways and means to spend it. That is, after all, the entire purpose of having a wallet that is bursting at its seams with a fat wad of currency or flaunting a platinum, titanium or uranium credit card that has an obscene credit limit on it. When people have too much money, they generally tend to splurge it on outrageous commodities that most of us would  only regard with incredulity. Continue reading
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Holiday Shopping: How to make life Easier for you

It’s that time of the year again – you are frantically running about buying gifts for all those people who mean something to you. Bringing them joy and happiness means so much to you that you are willing to put in the extra effort to make sure that they get something truly memorable. Giving a gift on Christmas is a lot more than a tradition that has been passed down centuries. It also goes beyond doing the customary thing to maintain relations with so-and-so. It’s the Christmas spirit – it’s all the love and companionship you feel for those you love. But, let’s face it – picking out those “just perfect” gifts for a dozen or more people on a restricted budget can be challenging and pretty tedious too. Here are some tips that should help you sail through the shopping part with as few hiccups as possible. We don’t promise it will be a breeze; but it will be a lot more bearable. Continue reading
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Gay Friendly Hotels are Passé – Now it’s the Age of through and through Gay Hotels

According to Community Marketing Inc, a consumer research firm, the LGBT travel segment spends about $63 billion annually in the U.S. alone. Gay leisure travelers are “less affected by economic downturns than their mainstream counterparts because the majority are dual-income-no-kids consumers;” therefore they “remain an important niche market for the tourism and hospitality industry” says Thomas Roth, President, Community Marketing Inc. Keeping this in mind, several design driven hotels are opening up across the U.S. catering to the LGTB community especially. Although there have always been a fair number of resorts and hotels that have billed themselves as gay friendly, hoteliers and prospectors are daring to take the concept a step further. The recently opened 53-room Lords South Beach Hotel in Miami woos its exclusive clientele with a bright decor, plunge pools and bar. Located just a stone’s throw away from the leading gay beach in South Beach, Lords isn’t simply “gay friendly,” it is a through and through gay hotel. Continue reading
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A Peep into the Most Expensive Apartment in UK

What price would you pay for luxury – $50 million? $100 million? $150 million? How about $200 million? Think that’s a bit too much for four walls, fancy tiles, floor to ceiling glass windows, and exclusive views of the London skyline? Continue reading
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