The Dance Where Size is not a Barrier

Close your eyes and picture a ballet. What probably comes to your mind is a troupe of graceful dancers with beautiful bodies gliding across the stage in perfect harmony with each other and the music. Now keep that image, but change one small detail. Now they are not graceful dancers with thin and attractive bodies, but graceful dancers with bodies that are typically regarded obese. Difficult to imagine? Well, not for Juan Miguel Mas, founder and director of Danza Voluminosa, a very unusual Cuban group dedicated to giving obese people the chance to express themselves through dance.

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Cemeteries that Make for Great Tourist Attractions

Who writes about cemeteries? In fact, who thinks of cemeteries as tourist attractions? Well, I do! After all some cemeteries are absolutely beautiful places. What’s wrong in exploring them, appreciating their architectural splendor, and basking in their historic glory?

If you don’t fancy that kind of thing, you could always revel in the ghoulish aspect of the whole affair – the thrills and chills of being so close to the dead, the goose-bumps you get from letting your imagination run away with you and the shivers that run up and down your spine because you’ve spooked yourself silly. Anyway you look at it these cemeteries definitely deserve an article to themselves.

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Dezhou Solar Valley: China’s ‘Gigantic’ Green Initiative

Whether in business, technology or politics, China is no stranger to controversy. However, there is no denying that the country has managed to pull off some stunning achievements. Its solar energy office building in Dezhou, the largest one of its kind in the world, is one such project. It is a very recent achievement, but the sun-dial shaped building, which is sustained totally on solar power, has already become a national icon, and a symbol for people round the world campaigning for clean and renewable energy sources.  Continue reading

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Kathakali – the Most Exotic Dance Form in India

Kathakali is one of the oldest forms of theatre/dance-dramas in the world. It originated in southwestern India (the state of Kerala now) during the 16th century. The name is derived from the South Indian language, Malayalam, and it means “story” (katha) and “performance” (kali).

This stylized dance form is typified by its elaborate costumes, attractive make-up, detailed hand and facial gestures, and well-defined body movements. The performance is accompanied by playback music (“geeta”) and percussion instruments (“vadya”). Another distinguishing characteristic of Kathakali is that the actors in the drama rarely ever use any words to convey their emotions or carry forward the story. All this is done with the help of expression, hand gestures, and rhythmic dancing.

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Tall Men & Flying – Ordeal in the Sky

If flying wasn’t already something of a herculean task that tests your patience to the last limit, it is even more of an agony for someone who stands tall and proud above the ground; someone who can easily be spotted in a crowd because his head bobs over those of his average sized fellow human beings. I am talking about tall, really tall people!

An average American isn’t deliriously happy with the legroom he gets in most airlines. Their flight experience is hardly different from the sardines that are packed tightly in a jar. Can you imagine how much worse it could be for someone who has an above average frame? There are many who can’t even put their legs down at all since their knees are constantly knocking against the seat in front of them. And should the person in front take it into their heads to recline, the torture simply kicks up one level.

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Twin Festivals from Around the World: Twice the Entertainment, Twice the Fun

Although twin births are a lot more common today, it is still something of an excitement when you come across twins or multiples, especially identical ones. If the adults leave you feeling a wee bit strange, the kids have you in throes of “oohs” and “aahs”.

Would you be surprised then, if I told you that this biological phenomenon has sparked a series of festivals to honor twins, triplets, quadruplets…you get the idea? Here are a few of the more popular twin festivals around the world.

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