Museums Not on Your List of Things-to-See-Before-I-Die

On one hand you have museums like the Smithsonian, Louvre, Guggenheim, and Prado which attract millions of tourists every year thanks to their varied collection, unique exhibitions, and of course stellar reputation. And then, you have museums like the ones we are going to look at in a short while that might make people curious but only in a way you would be about something freaky. On the other hand, the whole world goes to the Smithsonian; why don’t you try something different. Read on and see which of these places appeal to you the most. Continue reading
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Tall Men & Flying – Ordeal in the Sky

If flying wasn’t already something of a herculean task that tests your patience to the last limit, it is even more of an agony for someone who stands tall and proud above the ground; someone who can easily be spotted in a crowd because his head bobs over those of his average sized fellow human beings. I am talking about tall, really tall people! An average American isn’t deliriously happy with the legroom he gets in most airlines. Their flight experience is hardly different from the sardines that are packed tightly in a jar. Can you imagine how much worse it could be for someone who has an above average frame? There are many who can’t even put their legs down at all since their knees are constantly knocking against the seat in front of them. And should the person in front take it into their heads to recline, the torture simply kicks up one level. Continue reading
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Twin Festivals from Around the World: Twice the Entertainment, Twice the Fun

Although twin births are a lot more common today, it is still something of an excitement when you come across twins or multiples, especially identical ones. If the adults leave you feeling a wee bit strange, the kids have you in throes of “oohs” and “aahs”. Would you be surprised then, if I told you that this biological phenomenon has sparked a series of festivals to honor twins, triplets, quadruplets…you get the idea? Here are a few of the more popular twin festivals around the world. Continue reading
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Exuma – the Super Expensive, Green Yacht from Perini Navi

Nothing says style and extravagance like cruising around in a luxury yacht. For people who are blissfully oblivious of the number of zeroes in their bank account (oh, how I envy them) the 164 feet long Exuma Super Yacht is sure to deliver several thrills and chills that will keep them in “oohs” and “aahs” for a good six months or so, by which time, they’ll have found another opulence to amuse them. Perini Navi, the company that has given us some of the most popular sailing yachts in the world, including the Maltese Falcon, has ventured into the field of building motor yachts. And it’s very first attempt is Exuma, the super luxury yacht that’s been crafted in top grade aluminum. Continue reading
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Rolling Through the Bay – Scott Weaver’s Fabulous Toothpick Creation

Creative expression knows no bounds and neither does the medium through which it is expressed. Some use words to spread their message and some choose a more melodious outlet. Where one individual prefers to paint on a canvas another is happy making life-size graffiti on walls. When you come right down to it, virtually everything in this world – stone, clay, bricks, mortar, music, flowers, leaves – can help carry your voice to your audience.    Continue reading
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Fascinating Customs Associated with Rosh Hashanah

Rosh Hashanah literally translates into “head of the year” and is one of the four new years that are celebrated by the Jews. It is considered the New Year of people, legal contracts, and animals and according to the Jewish oral tradition, marks the day when creation of the world was completed. The Mishnah also speaks of Rosh Hashanah as being the “day of judgment.” Jews believe that on this day, God opens the Book of Life to decide who has the right to live and who will die. Continue reading
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