4 Out of the Way Gems to Explore on your Next Vacation

What places do you think of when planning a vacation – France, Switzerland, Caribbean Islands, Malaysia, Singapore? Why not broaden your horizons a bit and look at some tourist gems that have remained a well kept secret for so long? Leave the usual behind and look at the unusual – chances are you going to be highly intrigued and possibly excited. Besides you come back with a hoard of stories and adventures like no other to regale your audience for several get-togethers, barbecues, and tea parties.

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Close Encounters with Travel Accommodation of the Third Kind

There is absolutely no shortage of hotels and resorts in this world. In fact, it’s pretty much hard to travel to any place without bumping into at least a few of them. Some resorts sell on the strength of their picturesque location; some beckon guests with a wide array of luxury amenities; some tempt you with an ample dose of stardust telling you of the who’s who that have walked into their lobby; and some simply work on the fact that there are no better option in that given location.

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How Do We Judge the Green Quotient of a City?

A lot of cities are out to earn the label of a “Green City.” But, how exactly do you judge whether a city is green or not? What criteria do cities have to meet or what tests do they need to pass in order to get this “green card”?

Here are some of the factors that are taken into account before giving the green chit to a city:

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Halloween: What’s the Story Behind it?

Halloween is tomorrow so it’s only befitting that there be an article celebrating this rather unique festival where sane people go about dressed up and ghosts and ghouls and where children terrorize their neighbors into giving them heaps of candies which, by the way, their parents are okay with. This is one day of the year where all the exorcised evils of the universe are invited back for a day of insane fun, joy, happiness, revelry and feasting.

The name “Halloween”, actually spelt “Hallow E’en” means ‘All Hallows Eve.’ While there are various stories associated with this festival, the most popular one goes something like this. Apparently, on Nov 1, all the disembodied spirits of the people who died the year before would be on the prowl looking for suitable living bodies to possess for the coming year. Obviously, since this was a far from pleasing thought for any living being or, for that matter, a community, they had to take preventive measures to make sure they were not possessed.

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Creativity Unleashed: the Craziest Architectural Structures on this Planet

Creativity is the key to man’s success. What man can imagine he can give form and bring to life. Sometimes, the results can amaze us and sometimes, they succeed in only stunning us, and not in a good way. Here are a few buildings that represent the unbridled creativity of the human mind. While I doubt many will find them aesthetically pleasing, almost everybody leaves with the same feeling once they’ve seen them; “Really, what were they thinking?”

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Nicole Kidman Places Far West Village Apartment on Lease

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are famous for their real estate buying spree and they have residential assets all over the world including penthouse pad in Sydney, a mansion in Nashville, TN, a contemporary apartment in a high profile section of Beverly Hills, and 100+ acre spread outside Sydney.

After having acquired a duplex apartment with a cool sky garage designed by Annabelle Selldorf in New York’s West Chelsea building not too many months ago, Nicole Kidman is all set to haul her older property in Far West Village on the real estate market – not with the purpose of selling it but simply leasing out to anyone who’s got $45,000 per month lying around in petty cash.

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