The 5 Most Threatened Natural Wonders on this Planet

“Once upon a time there were pandas…” “A long time ago, when your great grandfather was just a young boy, the North Pole was covered with lots and lots of ice…” “Grandma have you seen lemurs? No, my child. They became extinct when I was a little girl.” It may not be too long before you hear phrases such as these as the coming generations talk about panthers and tigers the way we do about dodos and dinosaurs. It’s indeed a pity that some of the most awe-inspiring natural wonders on this planet may not make it through this century, thanks to all the damage mankind has managed to wreak on them. Before that happens, here are a few that you may want to put on your travel list, to experience up, close and personal the marvel of nature and the sheer ingenuity of its creations. Continue reading
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Jodie Foster Lists Beverly Hills Home for $9,975,000

Although she has played a variety of roles in her term as an actress in Hollywood (and may I point out a highly successful one), Jodie Foster will always be remembered as Clarice Starling – the beautiful FBI trainee who became a psychopathic serial killer – Hannibal Lecter’s – object of interest. It would surprise most people to know that Foster started her tryst with the entertainment industry when she was only three years old and modeled for a Coppertone, clad in nothing more than a diaper. What a cute sight that must have been. Her breakout role was in Taxi Driver – the 1976 film starring Robert DeNiro. The life-like portrayal of a pre-teen prostitute proved her talent in acting and shut up the sternest of film critics. Continue reading
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Six Senses Resort, Con Son Island: Paradise Regained

At one point of time Con Son island was famous – for all the wrong reasons. A penal colony under the rule of French authorities, Con Son Island was where they incarcerated all those even remotely associated with the Viet Minh and, a while later, the Viet Cong. It was not uncommon for the more rebellious members to be put to death at the guillotine. Continue reading
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Onta – the Quaint Pottery Village in Japan

What springs to your mind when you think of Japan – fast, modern lifestyle, technological advancements, vibrant nightlife, busy schedules, dynamic entertainment options, and people who bustle around with great purpose? But, tucked away in the mountains of north-central Kyushu, near the town of Hital, lies a tiny, quaint village as lazy and laid back as can be – Onta. This beautiful village seems to belong to a parallel dimension where time seems to have stood still for almost 300 years – for in that duration of time each family in this village has been employed in making only Onta-yaki (Onta pottery). Continue reading
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Virtual Reputation: Can it Destroy your Real Life?

For the average person living in the 21st century, the internet is an essential part of their lives. What with a LinkedIn profile, a page on Facebook and MySpace, posts on Twitter, videos on Youtube, and a couple of personal blogs up and running, there is no doubt that you are far more active and social online than in real life. Therefore it’s not unreasonable to say that your virtual reputation is of great consequence in the world we currently inhabit. Continue reading
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Dezhou Solar Valley: China’s ‘Gigantic’ Green Initiative

Whether in business, technology or politics, China is no stranger to controversy. However, there is no denying that the country has managed to pull off some stunning achievements. Its solar energy office building in Dezhou, the largest one of its kind in the world, is one such project. It is a very recent achievement, but the sun-dial shaped building, which is sustained totally on solar power, has already become a national icon, and a symbol for people round the world campaigning for clean and renewable energy sources.  Continue reading
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