The Most Haunted Places in the World

Everybody loves a good scare and most of us have an innate curiosity towards all things paranormal. We enjoy swapping ghost stories, sharing personal experiences of ESP, and debating the validity of supernatural phenomenon.

On evenings when tales of macabre and gore are running high and you are desperate to steal the thunder in the group, start talking about the most haunted places in the whole world. We guarantee all eyes will be on you for the rest of the evening. Continue reading

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Taking Hiking to the Next Level: the Very Dangerous Huashan Trail in China

Hiking is not an activity that appeals to everyone, but hiking enthusiasts will tell you that the best way to explore a place, a natural wonder, or an interesting attraction is on foot. Travelling by car, motorbikes, or even simply a bike doesn’t excite you the way hiking does. The liberty to chart your own course, the excitement of discovering new paths and walkways, the thrill of finding out what awaits you around the next corner – yup, nothing comes close to hiking!

For those who wish to take their hiking experiences to the next level, you may want to try the Huashan mountain trail in Shaanxi province, China. Although this trail shares some of the most wonderful sites of ancient Taoist temples and of course, natural beauty with its travelers, the most significant thing about it is the hike up to the summit, which is considered to be one of the most dangerous trails in the world. Nothing less than your life is at stake here as you attempt to conquer this perilous mountain.

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Long Island’s Magnificent French Chateau to be Auctioned

At the end of a long driveway that snakes through the dense, verdant woods is a clearing that first brings you face to face with this stunning French Chateau. Spread around the property are 12 acres of oak groves and lush gardens and sitting in the middle of all this unbridled beauty is the Chateau de Thons looking for all the world like an elegant lady that came to rest a while in these surroundings and decided to stick around forever. Continue reading

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Revisiting our Arboreal Habitat

You do remember playing in tree houses, don’t you? The excitement of clambering up the tree to reach your secret perch; the importance you reveled in because you had a secret hideout that few people were privy to; and the joy that came from the simple knowledge that you had a place to call your own.

Today, what can beat the pleasure playing war games in your tree house or simply sitting there listening to the call of the birds and watching the trees sway in the wind? Standing at that height you must have felt almost dizzy with the sense of power you seemed to have over all things under your feet – Lord & Master of all that you saw!

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Experience Old-World Farm Life in 21st Century America

There’s something innately heart-warming about a quintessential farm. The very picture of a huge barn-like structure located in rich green pastures makes you yearn for the wholesome comfort of a country life. The call of livestock in the background, the sound of horses galloping in merriment in the fields, the rich aroma of freshly baked bread, and those oh-so-scrumptious breakfasts and dinners…it’s a pity we can’t reach out and reclaim those good ol’ days! Continue reading

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The Most Vegetarian-friendly Places in the World


Vegetarians have often been frightened travelers, fraught with the constant worry that life abroad will mean surviving on restricted meals, breads and dairy. Things get even worse for vegans, who avoid dairy products as well. However, with vegetarianism becoming the hot trends in several places around the globe, things seem to be changing. Here are the world’s most inviting dining destinations for vegetarians. Be sure to include them in your list, the next time you are planning a trip abroad. Continue reading

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