The Most Lucrative Profession in the U.S. – Farming!

At some point of time or the other, we all sit down and try to evaluate where it is we are headed in life professionally. Making a choice about one’s career is perhaps one of the most crucial decisions an individual takes in his life. The options in front of you are virtually endless – you could be a banker, Wall Street broker, lawyer, educator, news reporter, beautician, hair stylist, fashion designer or an independent entrepreneur.

When making a decision, some are guided by what they enjoy doing most and others by how much money you can mint in a particular job. If your concern is the latter, you cannot ignore the advice given by Jim Rogers, bestselling author and one of the most influential personalities on Wall Street – consider farming as a profession.

Your astonishment and skepticism over this remark is understandable. With the world running behind finance, service and technology jobs, why would anyone want to consider backtracking to a rural life that America has left so far behind? The reasoning behind this career choice is rock solid – if current trends are to be believed, farming incomes are slated to increase exponentially in few decades; faster, in fact, than other industries, including Wall Street.

In the last few years, agriculture has become a choice profession owing to the spotlight on bio-fuels and the ever-ballooning middle class that has an equally increasing appetite along with the money to spend. Roger argues that in these times people do not need bankers; rather farming professionals who will meet the hunger problem of the world.

It is perhaps for this reason that where the overall economy is showing a doddering growth rate of less than 2%, net income from the agricultural sector was up by more than 25%. In addition, the price of farming real estate has gone up by 100% in the past six years, while general real estate prices are falling alarmingly.

In spite of these optimistic figures, agriculture makes up just 1% of the nation’s GDP. When you throw in other farming related activities – such as fertilizers, seeds, and tractors – the number jumps up to only 4%. However, experts are confident in their opinion that agriculture can do its fair bit to boost job growth. With incomes on the rise, farmers are going to look for suitable places to invest their money and they will be more inclined to put their money into new enterprises that will work as consumers for their crops – such as new biofuels or biodegradable plastics.

Finally, technological advancements in this field have led to innovations that have made farming a lot more productive than it was a couple of decades ago. Computer-monitored planting aided by GPS makes it possible to grow more crops in limited space while bioengineered seeds require lesser water and pesticides. The average acre that would yield about 91 bushels of corn back in 1980 can now produce more than 152 bushels. Higher produced when coupled with higher prices translate into higher profits and a richer and more content farmer. Do you really need more convincing to switch jobs?

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Phuket Vegetarian Festival: A Colorful yet Gruesome Ritual Cleansing Practice

It’s that time of the year when the streets of Phuket spill over with revelers and joyous celebrators participating in the traditional cleansing ritual that lasts for ten days. Perhaps the most horrifying, yet fascinating, aspect of the Phuket Vegetarian Festival is the spectacle of various participants, also known as “mah song” (meaning “horses of the gods”) walking down the streets with various large, pointed, shiny and evidently dangerous instruments/weapons thrusting through their cheeks. Yes, “through their cheeks.”

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It’s a Dog’s Life – Celebrity Dogs that Redefine the Meaning of Canine Luxury

Have you ever heard the term “a dog’s breakfast”? Or, “dog in the manger”? Maybe you’ve heard someone being described as being a “dirty dog”, or “acting like a dog with a bone”? Very often we say that the nation is “going to the dogs” and when you wish to express disgust with the world, you say it’s a “dog eat dog world”. Continue reading

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Keith Richard: In Conversation at the New York Public Library

An icon, an enigma, an outlaw, a hell-raiser…..although the discussion continues on what’s the most apt adjective for him could be, everybody unanimously agrees on one thing – Keith Richard is probably one of the most gifted guitarists rock music has ever seen. He is not known to be much of a talker and it was always Mick Jagger who was the spokesperson of Rolling Stones. But, for the first time in ages, Keith Richard broke tradition and appeared for an intimate conversation with his fans, lovers, worshippers, adorers, at the New York Public Library on October 29.

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Enjoying a Tropical Getaway…in the Middle of Germany

Tropical holidays are always a favorite among vacationers. What’s there not to love? The sun, sand, shimmering waters, revealing bikinis, sexy suntans, exotic flowers, exhilarating water sports, and those cute little drinks with umbrellas on it. This is not a combination anybody will have the heart to turn down. So, which tropical destination are you headed off to – Fiji Islands? Maldives? Seychelles? Goa? Hawaii? All excellent choices no doubt, but this year, why don’t you give Germany a try? Continue reading

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Of Shedding Leaves and Golden Hues – The Best Fall Destinations in the World

Temperatures are dipping fast;  everywhere in the northern hemisphere there is a riot of colors as foliage turns auburn and trees get ready for winter. If you are in love with the exquisite beauty of fall colors, here are some spectacular places around the globe that are worth a visit, this year and every year. Continue reading

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