Welcome to the Library of the Future – A Lot of Technology, Very Few Books!

Urban Review - Library of the FutureIt all began in 2000 when Kansas State University decided to wow its students by putting the engineering library on a “low-carb” and “hi-technology” diet. Last year the engineering library at Stanford University, inspired no doubt by its Kansas cousin, decided it needed a trimmer look and managed to bring its size down to only 20,000 hard copies – a phenomenal achievement, considering that it shrunk about 75% of its original collection to fit into computers.

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Mukesh Ambani & His New Abode Antilia

Mukesh Ambani, the richest man in India and the fourth richest man in the world has found a new address for himself. While walking down the elite neighborhood of Alta Mound road in Mumbai, if you should happen to see a giant monstrosity of no discernible shape in steel and glass sprouting from the ground and raising its limbs towards the sky, you would be looking at Mukesh Ambani’s new residence. It has been named after a mythical Island, Antilia. I don’t know so much about the island, but the building, on various occasions, does remind me of a mythical beast that will begin devouring curious passersby on the road at any given moment.

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Using Muscle Power to Generate Clean Energy

The next time you go into your gym and start working out on the sleek equipment you may be doing a lot more that burning fat and toning your body. You could well be contributing to making the world a better place by generating clean energy. Think about it – using muscle power to generate electricity. Really, how cool is that!

The Green Microgym in Portland, Oregon has a slogan, “Where fitness meets clean renewable energy.” The gym prides itself on using exercise bikes to harness the workout members do on it and convert it into electricity, which are then channeled into power outlets. Continue reading

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Fantastic Parking Lot in the Heart of Europe

Fantastic Parking System

This is amazing! Click on the word Budapest below and see the video about this amazing parking system! It’s hard to believe it’s actually true! This is a real triumph of design, esthetics, engineering and space optimization.

I sure would like this better than driving around my neighborhood for 30 minutes looking for a parking spot 10 blocks away from my home!

And then coming back to your car w/2 new door dings in it!

BUDAPEST . Multiparker 730

Photo of multiparking system in Budapest at Urban-review.com

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The House of Dancing Water: a Grand Spectacle in Macao

Of all the extravagances that have made their way to stage, the House of Dancing Water has to be the most spectacular. To begin with, the name – the House of Dancing Water – lends itself to imagination beautifully. There is an almost lyrical quality about it and it brings to mind columns of water from the river and foamy waves from the sea dancing to the symphony of raindrops falling from the sky.

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Taking your Cinematic Experience to an All New High with Alfresco Theaters

The earliest movies were little more than rudimentary moving pictures in makeshift tents. Since then, the business of movie watching has covered giant strides with 3D and 4D movies offering cinemagoers an almost life-like experience.

Today, in spite of all the comforts money can buy, people still think fondly of the era when movies were shown on giant screens in the middle of open grounds. These drive-ins were a rage; but like any other fad, it soon died out. Continue reading

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