Woody Allen Movie Star – the Structured House – Embroiled in Real Estate Dispute

The Sculptured House, alternatively known to locals as the Clamshell House, the Star Trek House, the Jetson House, or Flying Saucer House, is most fondly remembered for its prominent “presence” in Woody Allen’s 1973 futuristic sci-fi comedy Sleeper. Located on Genesee Mountain, this curiously shaped house designed by architect Charles Deaton has often been compared to a taco, a mushroom, a clam shell, and of course, a flying saucer. However, in spite of criticism, Deaton does not apologize for the house’s unique design. “People aren’t angular. So why should they live in rectangles?” was his say on this matter.

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101 Ways to Spend Money: #1 Build a $7 Million Tree House

Tree houses are something of a norm for people who have a virtually endless stream of revenue. Wasn’t it only recently that doting parents Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes gave their five year old daughter a $100,000 tree house? And here you have this Lord Northumberland guy in Scotland who doesn’t bat an eyelid before commissioning what was to become the biggest tree house in the world, burning a hole (a very tiny one at that) in his private treasury to the tune of $7 million. Continue reading

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Bottoms Up! Beer Festivals to Enjoy This Month

Can’t make it to the Oktberfest this year? Feel like guzzling down a few pints of beer amidst a lot of song and dance? You don’t need to look towards Oktoberfest as the only outlet for beer lovers. There are riveting festivals right here in America for you to enjoy. Of course, they are spread all over America and require you to hit the road to get from one place to another, but…..if you are a true Beer lover, you won’t mind the effort!
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3 Typical Chinese Eating Habits Decoded

Chopsticks aren’t the only thing integral to the Chinese culinary experience. There are various other small traditions and practices that are exhibited in public in the form of table manners. They may not come to you as naturally as they would to a true blue Chinese person (and even then not everyone is familiar with all the Chinese traditions centered on food), it’s always good to know these things.

Even if non-natives are allowed a lot of leeway when it comes to these typical customs and traditions, it shows your consideration and thoughtfulness when you remember and put into practice some of the more common Chinese dining traditions. Continue reading

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How Would you Like the World to End? Take your Pick of these Bizarre Apocalypse Theories

End of the World theories, apocalyptic scenarios and bizarre situations that will bring the rule of mankind to an end have always been fascinating. In fact, Hollywood has made a steady business of churning out movies on this theme and minting money by putting the fear of God in man. They would have us believe the end is not too far off. Continue reading

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Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie’s £35mln French Chateau to see Major Renovations

Major renovations are underway at the £35mln French château that promises to become the permanent place of residence for Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and their kids. The renovations are going to be overseen by Brad Pitt who is something of an architectural enthusiast himself. In fact, in 2008 it was announced that he would be responsible for designing an entire 5-star hotel complex in Dubai. Supervising renovations on a French chateau seems like a mean task compared to that.

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