A Peep into the City of the Future

Those of you whose vision for the future consists of smooth metallic textures, gigantic structures with fancy shapes, and studies in silver and grey and chrome, should take to the Enoki Eco City envisioned by Rome’s OFL Architecture. It is an audacious design for the city of the future, and while it looks like something that has sprung straight out of a sci-fi film or video game, it is inspired by a plant life as feeble and innocuous as Enoki mushrooms. However, expand these thumb-sized mushrooms several thousand times and raise them 150 stories, and they don’t look so feeble or innocuous anymore. Continue reading

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The Incredible Journey of the Eiffel Tower

Beautiful Paris, gorgeous Paris, romantic Paris, chic Paris, sophisticated Paris…..and standing in the heart of the pretty-as-a-picture-postcard Paris is the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower (pronounced “ee-fell”) is a lot more than just a popular architectural structure that has become one of the most visited places in the whole world. It tells a story of survival against odds, of grit and determination, and, above all, ambition.

It is hard to believe that the tower that has become an icon of an entire nation, nay a whole continent, was, upon completion, reviled, protested against and quite hated. There were widespread demonstrations that spread like wildfire throughout France and a statement of protest was signed by various well known Parisians, including the famous satirist Guy de Maupassant. Most people were of the opinion that the structure was not just intrusive but also downright ugly.

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The American Academy of Pediatrics Updates Car Seat Guidelines for Babies

Your baby’s just turned one and you are about to introduce him to his very first milestones in child development. Too long has he driven in a rear facing position; now it’s time for him to enjoy the journey face forward! That has to be a lot more exciting than looking at the back of a seat. Several new sights are waiting for him down the road. Yay! It’s your baby’s first birthday and you are to going to turn him around to the forward facing position. A giant leap for toddler-kind indeed! Continue reading

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by Dr. Arlene R. Bagamaspad


[Cancer Update from Johns Hopkins ]

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It’s not just Coffee & Cakes for the Germans

For all of us out there who don’t think twice before taking dainty sips from our tea cups or curling with a steaming mug of coffee in one hand and a good book in another, the long standing German tradition of Kafee und Kuchen might come as something of a surprise. To know that these beverages that we sip almost unmindfully could hold such a place of importance somewhere culturally was something of a revelation for me. By the time I finished reading about Kafee und Kuchen, the short break people take between lunch and dinner for a social gathering, I was more than fascinated; I had new-found respect for the cup of coffee and the simple looking cake lying in front of me.

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Innovative Hotels Redefine Architectural Standards of the Future

What is your fanciest notion of a hotel? Think of something far removed from the usual air-conditioned double-bed room with a cramped lounge, a desk and artistically vacant bathrooms. Let your imagination run free, and now read some of these daring hotel plans that architects and designers have come up with. Continue reading

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