Airport Lounges you Wouldn’t Mind Being Delayed In…

Don’t you absolutely hate when your flight is delayed and you are required to spend time in the airport lounge. Within a couple of hours when the hard seat starts giving you a cramp in the butt and the old lady snoring next to you incites all but murderous intentions in your mind you would willingly trade your place with a jailbird for a relatively comfortable place to curl up and sleep in. However, when you have lounges such as the ones I am about to describe in a minute, you’ll probably be hoping for the plane to reach late. It won’t do to pass through the airport without sampling some of the luxuries these opulent first class lounges have to offer. So, go ahead, miss your flight…it’s not inconvenient anymore! Frankfurt International Airport – Lufthansa First Class Lounge Lufthansa has always been associated with top-of-the-line services for the patrons who fly with them. As an added impetus, the newly revamped first class lounge at the Frankfurt International airport offers a host of amenities that you might have a hard time coming across in mid-level hotels. A cigar lounge, a full kitchen, an extensive wine list, bathrooms with soaking tubs, a full spa, a well-stocked new bar, and a very professional looking business center. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, this lounge is perfect in every way. Kennedy International Airport, New York – British Airways’ Concorde Room Who’s worried about weather delay when you have the opportunity to treat yourself to complimentary champagne even as a retinue of wait-staff stands at your beck and call? Forget your worry and stretch your legs in the private dining room, ordering the choicest delicacies from the menu. Need more pampering? Walk into the Elemis Travel Spa and opt for one of the more indulgent treatments that will melt away the strain of travel. Did I mention that these treatments are all complimentary? Hong Kong International Airport – Cathay Pacific’s The Pier Walk into The Pier and the white marble, dark wood accents, and clean lines immediately induce a sense of calm and relaxation. This spacious lounge is just the place to rewind and relax between flights. And if you are worried about fortifications for your tired body, don’t be coz the lounge offers, among other things, an afternoon tea service, a noodle bar, a well-stocked bar, and freshly baked pastries and an ice cream bar for those with a sweet tooth. Sydney International Airport – Qantas First-Class Lounge There are several reasons to fly first class with Quantas not the least of which is their super-luxury first class lounge at Sydney International Airport. The décor is surprisingly (and refreshingly) quirky and lends the entire place a vibrant mid-century modern look. The walls of the massage room are lined with lush green plants while the restaurant menu is bound to make you go on a binge. Don’t miss out on their signature dessert – “Manna from Heaven” – that has passion fruit and raspberries. Singapore Changi Airport – Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge What happens when a fine dining restaurant meets a classy airport lounge? They combine to give you Singapore Airlines’ SilverKris Lounge. With separate areas for business class and first class travelers, SilverKris has all that you could demand from a luxury lounge – a full shower room, dining areas with leather accents, and plentiful supply of snacks like spring rolls, noodles, sandwiches, and homemade cookies. If you feel the need to nap, head over to the slumberettes that are comfy enough to cure a chronic insomniac. Make sure you don’t oversleep else you miss your flight. On second thoughts, what the heck, sleep on! How often are you going to come to this lounge anyway?  
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