Boisterous Kids Engaged at the Supermarket with Video-Equipped Shopping Carts

Ever tried shopping with your toddlers running amuck in a supermarket? It’s a perfect recipe for disaster. Not only do they gallop around the supermarket like it was one giant amusement park, they can hardly keep their nimble fingers off all the stuff on display. With all shops placing foods that kid love at their eye level (hence, also within their reach!) you are sure to be nagged to death with demands for so-and-so chocolates and this-and-that cookie. Should you deny granting them their heart’s desire, you’ll have a wailing, bawling, kicking and screaming monster on your hands which will cause you to beat a hasty retreat from the shop. Even if your kids are not the kind that tends to run wild in the supermarket, expeditions to the market can bore the living daylights out of them. Then begins the saga of complaints and whines that will drive you up the wall, leading to yet another hasty exit from the supermarket. However, supermarkets and grocery stores, sympathetic to the plight of harried mother, might have come up with just the solution you want; a solution that will keep your kids close to you, well, at least to the shopping carts. And instead of focusing on junk snacks and unhealthy munchies, your kids will turn their attention towards cartoon characters. How? Why? What? Really? Yes, really! King Soopers – a chain of 29 grocery stores in Denver, Colorado, are planning to offer shopping carts that are designed especially for kids. If you’re thinking of those shopping carts with little seats for kids…that’s not what King Soopers had in mind. They’ve taken the concept a step further and fitted their shopping carts with video players. Very simply put, the kid engrosses himself with cartoons that are flashed on these shopping carts while the mom and dad happily cruise down one aisle after the other completing the task of shopping for the week – absolutely undisturbed. In addition, these video-equipped shopping carts will also reduce the “nagging effect” that we discussed earlier, which turns out to be great for your budget and great for your children since they hanker after fewer unhealthy treats. However, would you consider watching a little more television a fair trade off for this sort of convenience? After all, your kids only watch television morning, noon and night, in the house, in the car, at their friend’s place, and now in supermarkets and shopping carts! That’s not too much television, is it? Or is it?    
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