Camping with Glamor – Glamping

Camping in the outdoors is an experience that can swing either way. You could be thrilled to lay down to sleep under the inky sky lit up by a thousand stars; you could be enthralled by the flora and fauna simply waiting to be explored by you; and you could be moved by the absolute silence around you broken only by the crackling of logs in the campfire. Or, you could be turned off by the swarm of mosquitoes gaming for your body; the smelly, uncomfortable, lumpy sleeping bag spread out an even lumpier surface with the cold seeping through in the middle of the night; and the tent that leaked in a rainstorm as you crouched in a miserable heap in a corner. Your first time camping experience may well become your last shot at it as well; unless…unless you try Glamping! Not everybody has the potential to rough it out in the wild like Tarzan, but that shouldn’t stop them from experiencing the fun of being in the outdoors. Like minded people who had miserable memories of their camping trips got together and began to replace traditional camping with glamorous camping, aka Glamping. However, luxury camping isn’t a new concept by any means. If we turn back the pages of our history books, we will come across references of the wealthy traversing through jungles and deserts in great style. Since there were no five star accommodation available to them en-route, they decided to carry their luxurious indulgences with them. Their safaris contained food, bedding, and luggage carried by peons while the esteemed personage travelled in style in palanquins, carriages or atop elephants. Since inspiration was so readily available to the modern man, he didn’t take too long to tweak it a bit here and there to come up with something that would appeal to the sensibilities of the rich and famous (or simply the rich) today. How does it work? Think of a 3, 4, or 5 star hotel, then strip away the concrete walls, uproot it from the busy roads it is surrounded by, and transplant it into the middle of a campsite. In very simple terms, that is Glamping. People with means (yes, Glamping is more expensive than regular camping, for obvious reasons) get to command it all – they escape from their hectic lives into natural sanctuaries and yet enjoy all the facilities they are accustomed to –four poster, super soft beds, rugs, antique furniture, propane wood stoves, modern toilets, and hot water in the sinks, showers, and tubs. A couple of days at these resorts or camps could run you a bill of a few thousands. You live like royalty, but it comes at a price; and by the looks of it, a really hefty price. Well, to each their own, I guess. True blue campers might find this form of indulgence almost ludicrous but there is no reason one has to toil through various hardships or crap in the open to say they have enjoyed themselves. So, glampers might have to face jibes and jokes on their so called “camping experience,” but the point is, they enjoyed it. Who cares what anybody else says!
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