All that Glitters…is apparently Bling!

When people have money, they look for ways and means to spend it. That is, after all, the entire purpose of having a wallet that is bursting at its seams with a fat wad of currency or flaunting a platinum, titanium or uranium credit card that has an obscene credit limit on it. When people have too much money, they generally tend to splurge it on outrageous commodities that most of us would  only regard with incredulity. Forget about questions like “why, in the name of God, would you want to buy that?” or “what on earth were they thinking?” or even “why would they want to waste all that money?” Concentrate only on one fact – they can and therefore they will. Let’s find out how the insanely rich spend their money. You are going to love this…or maybe not! The Golden iPad2 For the Scrooge McDucks of the world, technology itself takes on a golden hue and appears in the form of the golden iPad designed by British jewelry maker Stuart Hughes. Scoffing at the mortal price of only $800+ for the ordinary iPad, Hughes has given people with heavy purses something worth their time and money. 2000 grams of 24-carat gold and more than 50 precious gems (including diamonds) combine to give you an iPad that glistens and shines in your hands – that too for a princely sum of $189,125. And when you are tired of surfing the net on this 3G iPad, you could consider doing weight-training workouts with it since it weighs nearly four and a half pounds. So…that’s what they mean when they say the rich have a lot of weight? The 24k Pencil Never again will the world take the ordinary pencil for granted again for it has been lifted to the level of extraordinary by Korean designer Daisung Kim. These very special pencils have a thin layer of 24k gold plating on them on they come to you in a very jazzy box shaped like gold bars. Yes, very creative I must say! Next time you want to scribble a figure with several zeros in it on your check book, lay aside your fancy pens and flash this golden pencil. If you are really happy with the bank’s customer service, you could even give away pencil shavings as a tip. Better still save them up for a rainy day and cash them in when you run out of the gold in your vault! The Golden Loo The rich even go to the toilet in style! For them nothing less than a golden pot would do to receive their bodily waste and drain it to the murky lower world in panache! After all, what poop can boast of such a see-off? Brainchild of Hong Kong-based jeweler Hang Fung Gold Technology, this royal loo is made from 24k solid gold and weighs well over a metric tonne. It’s even found a place for itself in the Guiness Book of World record as the most expensive toilet in the world. But, of course! The Gold Coffin It seems the rich prefer to set themselves apart even in death. Not content with the modest and regular arrangements for their final resting place, they sought out something more glamorous and ritzy – like this 24k gold coffin designed by Art Funeral, Italy. Having made a debut last year in a show for “Billionaires only” this $400,000 coffin comes with, believe it or not, a built in cell phone! In the event they get a bit too restless on the other side of the world and wish to call up and chat with their loved ones here, perhaps? Ah, the mysterious ways in which the rich and dead work.  
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