It’s a Dog’s Life – Celebrity Dogs that Redefine the Meaning of Canine Luxury

Have you ever heard the term “a dog’s breakfast”? Or, “dog in the manger”? Maybe you’ve heard someone being described as being a “dirty dog”, or “acting like a dog with a bone”? Very often we say that the nation is “going to the dogs” and when you wish to express disgust with the world, you say it’s a “dog eat dog world”. I must say that the English language has not been exceedingly kind to man’s best friend. Dogs are, perhaps, the most widely loved animal in the whole world and it enjoy a special place in the human heart and home. However, some of the dogs featured live in homes that are more like palaces and they enjoy a celebrity status in their own right. Here’s throwing a spotlight on the most-spoiled pampered dogs of all times. 1. Tinkerbell Hilton Tinkerbell is a tiny Chihuahua that can supposedly fit in a teacup. However, being a Hilton, she has a suite of her own, complete with pool and spa. Her ‘mommy’ Paris wants the best for him – designer outfits, diamond encrusted collars and Louis Vuitton carrier bags. Her clothing has inspired the canine clothing line ‘Little Lily’ and she has had her memoirs written as well. What’s more, she’s starred on the TV show, “The Simple Life” for all five seasons. Such a tiny dog and what phenomenal luck! Urban Review - Tinkerbell Hilton Celebrity Dogs - Tinkerbell Hilton 2. Daisy Simpson This is an obituary of sorts. When Jessica Simpson’s maltipoo Daisy was snatched by a coyote in 2009, there was no end to supportive tweets and such from her fans. And, it was all well deserved. After all Daisy was everybody’s favorite celebrity pet. Not only was she naturally beautiful, she enjoyed being on stage with her singer mom at concerts, appeared on the show “Newlyweds”, was only carried around in a Louis Vuitton, was thrown lavish birthday parties, and fed steak. I wouldn’t mind exchanging places with her in a heartbeat… Celebrity Dogs - Jessica Simpson & Daisy Celebrity Dogs - Daisy Simpson Celebrity Dogs - Daisy and Jessica Simpson 3. Jack Carey Mariah Carey’s love affair with Jack the Jack Russell, the oldest of four she has, is well known for the luxury and opulence that is showered on him. He goes everywhere with her – shoots, videos, concerts, vacations, et al. He rides in own limo when out and about town and usually flies first class, although he was recently kept off board by a certain “cruel” airline company. In 2005, when Mariah was expecting twins, Jack and his brothers received therapy to keep post-partum trauma at bay. Err…I am at loss for words here. Celebrity Dogs - Mariah Carey and her dog Celebrity Dogs - Mariah Carey and Jack Celebrity Dogs - Mariah Carey's Pooch Jack 4. The Oprah Winfrey Dogs Hand it to Oprah for not being partial to any one particular pooch in her brood. They are all fed by a special chef, looked after by their own individual nannies, and have their own websites as well. Sophie, who died young of choking, had herself a penthouse featuring a 768-square-foot wraparound terrace which cost $7.1 million. According to Oprah’s will, in the event of her demise, her dogs are to inherit $30 million, which is to full care of their feeding, grooming and pampering. Can I become their caretaker, please? Celebrity Dogs - Oprah Winfrey and her Dog Celebrity Dogs - Oprah Winfrey and her Dog Sophie   5. Norman Aniston Norman was a Welsh corgi-terrier and had been around Jennifer Aniston for 15 whole years before he died in May this year. He saw the best places, hobnobbed with the who’s who, and was one of the most photographed of celebrity pets. Norm, as she lovingly called him, was a frequent visitor to film sets and received all the star treatment. He had a personal masseuse, sat next to the director on his own chair and ate organic food. I wonder who his lucky successor is… Celebrity Dogs-Jennifer Anniston and Her Dog Norman Celebrity Dogs-Jennifer Anniston and Her Dog Norman
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