Sarah Jessica Parker Scoops up 165-year old East Village Apartment for $18.995 million

Sex in the City star Sarah Jessica Parker and Inspector Gadget Mathew Broderick’s house-hunting spree could probably inspire a movie and probably at least two sequels. In a hunt that puts all others to shame, SJP and MB have been traipsing up and down New York City in a desperate attempt to find a new home suitable enough for them. Heaven knows what specifications they were looking for because nothing from Bond Street to Central Park West seemed good enough for them. And they’ve been hunting for what – a little over three years now? However, rumor has it that this epic house-hunting saga may just be over. Recently, a 165-year old Greek revival townhouse was bought by the Heirloom Trust for a staggering sum of $18.995 million. And, what may be the connection between the trust and SJP you may ask. Well, if you dig deep enough, you discover that the name on the deed for this new property at 20 East 10th Street is Frank Selvaggi. And this bloke is none other than Parker’s business manager. Aha! So, you put two and two together and what do you get – a 14-room townhouse that’s probably going to be the new dream abode for Parker and Broderick and their three children. Listing information shows that the townhouse was built in 1846 and throughout its history it has changed hands very few times, SJP and Broderick being the fifth buyers so far. Spread over 6,800, the previous owners of this townhouse were Cliff Ng – a media mogul from Malaysia – and ex-model Farrah Summerford. They bought this townhouse in 2000 for $5.03 million. The townhouse has five bedroom and ten bathrooms – five full and five half. Why anybody might need ten bathrooms is quite beyond me but the rich do as the rich please! In addition, the townhouse also has seven wood-burning fireplaces (all of them working by the way!), five security cameras, 5-zone HVAC system, and 11 active phone lines with the additional capacity for 250 more. If I was nonplussed at the idea of 10 bathrooms, I am shell shocked at the thought of 250 telephone lines operating in one house. What does one want with 250 phone lines? Is she planning to lease it out to a covert military unit for hush-hush operations? Yet another interesting thing about the couple is that after going over the whole of New York City on a wild mad goose chase, SJP and Broderick have chosen a new home barely a few blocks away from their old one in East Village. Why didn’t these silly-billies start looking there earlier? They would have saved themselves a whole lot of trouble, methinks!  
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