Time Management Essentials – How to Make the Most of your Day

How often have we not heard the expressions, “I am short for time”, “I wish there were more hours in a day” or “God, where do all the hours disappear?” Living in the 21st century may afford us plenty of luxuries we didn’t have before; but what it can’t give us is extra time. It is one thing we almost always seem to lack, or that’s the way it appears considering it’s the most famous excuse for anyone trying to get out of a particularly sticky situation – “We just didn’t have the time”! Unless you have Hermione’s famous time-turner pendant that allows you to travel back in time and thereby accomplish twice as much work in a day, you may want to pay some attention to the following tips I am going to share with you. They may not add a few hours to your day magically but they will help you make the most of the time you have on hand. And that, my dear friends, is nothing short of a miracle!

How do we make the best of the time we are given?

Switch off the News When they wake up, most people tend to listen to the news first thing in the morning. Ruth Klein, lifestyle coach based in Los Angeles, cites this as a counter-productive practice. Depressing news on television can affect your mood and prevent you from carrying out simple activities like feeding the kids, getting them ready for school, and getting dressed for work. Worse yet, a particularly bad piece of news can affect your outlook or bring you down for the rest of the day. It’s best to reserve this activity for a different time of the day – such as during lunch or while riding the subway.

Don’t listen to the news first thing in the morning. Reserve this activity for another part of the day

Use your Waiting Time Yet another great way to save precious minutes is to put waiting time to good use. All those minutes you were kept on hold by the credit card company, or the time you spent in your dentist’s waiting room could all have been used to do something productive. For instance, you could carry your project report with you and read it while waiting in the bank, pay your bills online while waiting to talk to your card company, or put finishing touches on an important document on the long bus ride home. Not only will you find something to occupy your mind, it will also keep you from getting irritated for being made to wait for so long!

Save precious minutes by putting waiting time to good use

Tackle Small Tasks Immediately Certain tasks such as reading, replying, deleting, and organizing emails, paperwork, or voice mails should be done immediately. If you are the sort of person that prefers to come back to it at a more convenient time, know that you are losing up to ten hours every month, totaling to an accumulated 120 hours every year. Prompt handling of these tiny tasks can gain you a whole 5 days every year! Don’t you feel rich already?

Organize emails, paperwork, or voice mails immediately

Watch out for Time-Guzzling Activities Activities such as watching television, surfing the net, or playing video games, tend to gobble down time like your five-year-old let loose in a sweet store. Recognize these activities and try to restrict the time you spend doing them. For instance, did you know that the average American watches almost 20 hours of television every week? Reduce only 5 hours from this and you accumulate 11 extra days in a year. Think what you could do with all this extra time. Add it to the five extra days you earned earlier and you could go on a long vacation as a reward for your efforts to save time.

Recognize addictive activities and restrict the time you spend doing them

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