Vertigo Inducing, Cliff Sides Towns: Stay away if you are Scared of Heights!

If you are prone to getting dizzy from even looking down at your shoes, these are some of the places you need to cross of your travelling list. But for those who have no hang ups and don’t mind being in a town placed precariously on the edge of a cliff, you’ll find these places to be extremely thrilling. Manarola, Italy The very colorful and attractive Manarola is one of five villages in the Cinque Terre area of the Italian Riviera. Incidentally, the other four villages also have pretty interesting cliff-side locations. Manarola is most popular for the sweet dessert wine Sciacchetrà, a local specialty that tastes of honey and apricots. Be sure you don’t end up drinking too much of this delicious wine or you may go tottering down the cliff to meet your maker. Watch your step! ================================================================= Bonifacio, France As is the case with most Cliffside towns on this planet, Bonifacio, the town located on the French island of Corsica, was also built for military and defense purposes. Bonifacio provided a vantage point over the harbor as well as the strategically important strait separating Corsica from its rival island Sardinia. Recent spurt in tourism has seen the development of B&Bs and holiday homes on the edge of the cliff to exploit the heart stopping panoramic views to the best advantage. ================================================================= Castellfollit de la Roca, Spain Located in the Catalonia region in the middle of Spain, Castellfollit de la Roca is a tiny 1,000 person village that is wedged between two cliffs. This town is an extremely popular tourist attraction and hordes of curious travelers can be seen traipsing up and down its lanes. Not too many stay back to spend the night here since options for accommodation are rather restricted. If you are lucky enough to be able to get a place, the evenings spent on a cliff-side terrace with your favorite drink in the hand is purely blissful. ================================================================= Ronda, Spain The interesting thing about Ronda (apart from the fact that the town is placed on gravity defying grounds) is that it sits on not one, but rather two hilltops. These two hills may be only 68 meters (223 ft) apart but the gorge that separates them – the El Tajo Gorge – is 120 (394 ft) meter deep. The town, located in the Andalusian region of Spain, was built by the Celts first but the bridge connecting the hilltops is a relatively recent construction, going back only about 200+ years. It’s even named the Puente Nuevo or the “New Bridge” and it took 42 years to build. If you can, be sure to stand on the edge and look over the cliff – it’s a looooong way down and even the stoutest hearts have known to flutter at the sight.
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